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Uncover interesting family stories, often connected with the history of Polish kings and artists!Take a walk through the Palace's park and see the American bison herd!

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After you sign up, take a look around and start speaking to people that interest you, you can be sure that they are eager to hear from you.IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Children & Infant tickets are available ONLY to Families travelling with Children.For all school group reservations please contact us by email at [email protected] call us at 48 500 169 404.These individuals probably haven't been on a date since they were in their late 20's or 30's, and are just trying to get back into the dating world now after a long absense.There are many people like this on our site, people who are searching for someone but unfamiliar or even slightly reluctant about the entire process, so there's no need to feel intimidated.At you're bound to meet someone who can understand your situation and is possibly in a similar one themselves.

So, if you find yourself wanting to start a new partnership then remember, it's never too late to start dating again!

After arriving at the monastery, we visit the Basilica, which is the main church of the monastery.

Then you have a chance to see the 600th-Anniversary Museum and the Treasury.

Life begins at 40, everything up until that point is merely experience.

Dating really starts to take shape and singles over 40 are getting better at knowing exactly what they want in a potential date or partner.

After receiving your detailed inquiry we will provide you with a Customised Offer.