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Women tell stories as a way of validating

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WESTFORD, MA—Admitting that she couldn’t fully describe the enigmatic allure that drew her to him, local woman Laura Saracen told reporters Wednesday there was just something dark and intriguing about 34-year-old Tyler Evans, a man with a serious personality disorder.

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CHICAGO—Saying that he alone could determine the legitimacy the woman’s claim, area man Luke Haggerty will be the judge of whether coworker Delia Carroll is actually a true baseball fan, sources confirmed Wednesday.When Issa Rae watched Oprah Winfrey being honored at Essence magazine's Black Women in Hollywood Awards last year, the actress hoped she would one day be recognized in the same fashion. Rae, Janelle Monae, Aja Naomi King and Yara Shahidi will be honored Thursday in Los Angeles at the magazine's 10th annual awards. Now I feel like I can be on that journey." This year's awards recognize "Hollywood's Next Generation." Singer-actress Monae starred in two films up for best picture at the Oscars, "Hidden Figures" and "Moonlight." King is featured on television's "How to Get Away With Murder" and Shahidi appears on the sitcom "black-ish." "These women are making their own waves," said Vanessa K. We think about who are going to be the women to pick up the mantle. This year, we are taking a look at the new Hollywood." De Luca said the awards provide an opportunity for the actresses to network with each other.Past honorees include Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, Halle Berry, Taraji P. "I used to say, 'It would be so cool to be up there,' but I didn't imagine it now," Rae, creator and star of HBO's "Insecure," said in a phone interview. It's just so encouraging to be awarded so early in my career. She said many carve out time in their schedules to make sure they attend the awards, an event Winfrey has called "a sacred place" for black women. The actresses-writer-director calls the event a "bonding experience." And she feels validated by the recognition. "This is basically telling me, 'Hey girl, You're up next.'" ___ Online: ____ Follow Jonathan Landrum Jr.No, the president's proposed budget would not kill Meals on Wheels. What decent person would allow the elderly to starve? What good citizen wouldn't post news of the atrocity on Facebook, ASAP?You've probably read headlines and social media posts in the past couple of days that said otherwise, and you may have joined the outraged wail. Leaning on a cane near the window of her living room Friday, Ollie Carter was glad to see a delivery driver park in front of her West Pullman home, then enter through the screen door with trays of turkey, sweet potatoes and other prepared foods.GRANVILLE, OH—Convening at their hometown bar to grab a drink and catch up on things, a group of old high school friends reportedly met up on Thursday as per their yearly tradition of saying the names of their former classmates.

HARRISBURG, PA—Confirming that several dozen individuals have had the title bestowed upon them in recent years, sources reported Friday that the Weber family has exceptionally lax standards for who gets to be called “aunt.” LOS ANGELES—Having rehearsed the script for several hours before giving what he believed was a solid audition, local actor Mark Folta was reportedly disappointed to be informed Friday that he just doesn’t have that Prego tomato sauce look.

Over the last few months, I’ve participated as an applicant, in Queensland’s Telstra Business Woman of the Year (Corporate and Private) awards.

Honestly, more joyful than the concept of whether I’ll be selected to move forward in the process, is the concept that someone actually went to the effort of nominating me. Don’t misunderstand me, this post is not at all a slight on the Telstra Business Woman award or the platform that Telstra has spent the last two decades faithfully pursuing. I’ve seen so many fabulous women recognised for their achievements and it’s done an unprecedented job of providing a profile to women, their businesses and their achievements that ten years of PR would never be able to achieve. The award process is really, really tough — the initial application is long, detailed and took weeks to complete and required a large amount of self-examination which I found fairly confronting yet surprisingly valuable.

But there's no evidence it's going to kill Meals on Wheels.

And yet Meals on Wheels quickly became the rallying point in the protest against the budget's sweeping awfulness. For starters, there are those overblown headlines and stories, like the one from the Dallas TV station that reported Meals on Wheels would lose "all of its federal funding."That's false. True: The proposed budget would eliminate a federal block grant program that provides money to states. A small percentage of the program's money goes to Meals on Wheels.

NUTLEY, NJ—Recounting the participants’ unwavering, single-minded focus throughout the three-hour event, local man Ross Harrison, who declined to join his friends’ fantasy football league, told reporters Friday he immediately regretted attending their draft party last night.