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Will smith new movie dating

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Noomi Rapace, Kenneth Choi, Alex Meraz, Matt Gerald, Ike Barinholtz, and Enrique Murciano will all play as-yet-unknown roles. It's been a long time since Will Smith was first making people laugh as The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Although the 37-second clip already ahas fans salivating for the full film, its arrival is still quite a while off. Bright is set in an alternate present-day where humans coexist with fantastical creatures such as fairies, orcs and elves.But Netflix derives its value from subscriptions, and securing a possible franchise blockbuster like "Bright" — along with a big name like Smith — could lure people onto the platform.Successful advertising executive Howard Inlet is reduced to a clinically depressed loner after his young daughter's tragic death.Brigitte, Raffi, and Amy separately approach Howard, but Amy falters, repentant over manipulating Howard. The clip sees the ever-cool star patrolling heavily armed streets before everything takes a turn for the weird and, frankly, terrifying.NETFLIX MARCH 2017: NEW RELEASESJoel Edgerton plays the orc who is partnered with Will Smith.

The Australian-born actor has starred in films such as Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Secret Life of Us and Star Wars Episodes II and III – in which he played Luke Skywalker’s uncle and adoptive parent, Owen Lars. Also hailing from Australia, she is best-known for appearing in TV series and Wolf Creek.Édgar Ramirez stars an elf named Kandomere who works for the FBI’s magic division, with up and coming actor Happy Anderson as Montehugh, his human counterpart.

The teaser trailer starts out looking like a typical cop movie set in Los Angeles and then — "Bright" is Netflix's biggest push yet into blockbuster films.

This purchase would significantly outstrip the $60 million Netflix paid for Brad Pitt's "War Machine," which has not yet been released.

But of course there's time for a typical Smith zinger, the star saying: "I'm assuming this doesn't end well?

" will follow two cops – Ward (Will Smith) and Jakoby (Joel Edgerton) – as a routine night patrol brings "darkness that will ultimately alter the future and their world as they know it".

His estranged friends and business partners, Whit Yardshaw, Claire Wilson, and Simon Scott fear for Howard's mental health as well as their company's future, as Howard's erratic behavior has cost them numerous high-profile clients and left them on the verge of bankruptcy; as the majority shareholder, Howard has also undermined their efforts to sell the company.