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Who is kobe bryant ex wife dating

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Both of her parents are of Mexican descent and divorced when Bryant was three years old.Her mother raised her daughters alone in Orange County while attending two jobs. On December 16, 2011, she filed for divorce from her husband of 10 years Kobe Bryant citing irreconcilable differences, and requested joint custody of her daughters.

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Sparks flew and she was so inundated by paparazzi while trying to attend Marina High School that she had to finish high school via independent study. In the Spring of 2005, Vanessa suffered a miscarriage due to an ectopic pregnancy (the potentially dangerous condition that occurs when the egg is fertilized outside the uterus). In her lawsuit, Maria Jimenez claimed that after just two weeks of employment, Vanessa "badgered, harassed and humiliated'' her in a recurring pattern, did not provide her with health insurance when she had to have an ovarian cyst removed and did not pay her overtime.She once accused a married basketball player of making a pass at her.Kobe told teammate Karl Malone to stay away from Vanessa after she said the Mail Man flirted inappropriately with her.Kobe Bryant has built a successful career in the NBA as a shooting guard for the LA Lakers.Kobe was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 23, 1978.She quit when she mistakenly put a $690 blouse in the washing machine and Vanessa allegedly demanded that she put her hand in a bag of dog doo-doo to retrieve the price tag.

The Bryants counter-sued and then both parties dropped their suits when the Bryants paid Jimenez $200,000 to go away.

Once he graduated from high school, his talent and the rules at the time allowed him to directly enter the NBA.

His career has seen him win five NBA championships and was named 16 times to the NBA All-Star team.

The two of them met after one of Kobe’s ball games and they continued dating for a few months before they decided to go their separate ways.

Kobe was still very young, just 19 and starring on a very visible Lakers team.

Boxer Victor Ortiz thinks it's "a cool rumor" -- him dating Kobe Bryant's wife Vanessa -- the only problem is ... Ortiz refuted the rumors with two claims -- one makes sense, the other ...