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Who is farrah franklin dating

When Farrah talked about her past relationship ending b/c her boyfriend was cheating, you could feel the hurt through the screen!

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At this age she has already faced the paparazzi so many times and her confidence level is just amazing.Meanwhile, her former band mate Beyonce has been on tour with her husband Jay Z.On Friday they put on a united front in Houston, Texas even as reports continue to surface that they two are having marital problems.In January 2000, Mathew Knowles invited Franklin and Michelle Williams to join Destiny's Child—replacing previous group members La Tavia Roberson and Le Toya Luckett without notice.The two were introduced in February 2000 via the music video for "Say My Name".Farrah states her occupation as singer, songwriter, mogul—and former member of Destiny’s Child.

Which is true, but who is thinking of Farrah as a former member of Destiny’s Child these days??

Kevin Oh, a celebrity photographer, has only had a string of two-week relationships and is always looking for the next best thing since he only dates models.

Patti is up for the challenge with these two millionaires.

She’s the only former member w/o a significant history w/the group; she shouldn’t mention it unless it’s referenced.

The obvious next question would be, is Farrah really a millionaire?? I think we can reasonably conclude she didn’t make much if any money in her short Destiny’s Child stint, but that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t made money through other ventures.

Franklin toured and performed with the group, and also appeared in the music video for "Jumpin', Jumpin'".