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Who is fantasia dating now

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According to “Antwaun told Paula that Fantasia was pregnant early on,” an insider told Radar.

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The troubled songstress attempted to commit suicide in August by overdosing on a bottle of aspirin and sleeping pills after Cook's ex-wife deemed Barrino a home wrecker in a court complaint.Singer Fantasia Barrino has had her share of drama over the years—attempted suicide, admitted illiteracy, home foreclosure, needy family members, affairs with married men and more—but in her new song, "No Time For It," the now happily married Barrino (now Taylor) is insisting she's past the dark point in her life and on to bigger and better things.The song was written by Brian Kennedy, Lance Eric Shipp and Paris "PJ" Jones and has the singer sounding off about an ex trying to win her back to no avail.The singer recently turned one of her concerts in Florida into a worship service in which people came to faith in Christ.Now there’s word that the father of her baby is Antwaun Cook, the married man she was previously involved whose strained relationship reportedly caused her to take a nearly lethal number of pills.The two wed less than a year ago and from all reports, couldn't be happier. To Feel Protected and To Have Someone To Cover Me In Prayer.. I Love You Kendall Taylor..." It looks like the singer might be ready to make good on that statement, starting with the new single and soon, a new album.

At the time that the two seemingly announced their new marital status, Barrino wrote, "God.....

Paula was really hurt when he left her for Fantasia, so it’s like the knife that was already in her back is being twisted now.” also reports that Antwaun and Paula are set to meet in a North Carolina courthouse August 10 to sort out their accurate date of separation.

Antwaun maintains the two were already separated when he started dating Fantasia, while Paula insists he cheated on her, a claim that led Fantasia to take the stand and admit to not only to having been pregnant by Antwaun, but then aborting the unborn child.

Fantasia Barrino has admitted to becoming pregnant and aborting the child of her married boyfriend around the time of her attempted suicide.

Barrino, 26, made the shocking claim while under oath in a North Carolina court Monday, according to Radar

Lawyers for Cook's now ex-wife, Paula, reportedly questioned the singer about a hotel room rental that had taken place a few days after Cook and Barrino met."Paula's lawyer is arguing that they got the room because she knew he was still married," a courtroom onlooker told Radar.