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Who is blake griffin dating 2016

During his set, Griffin opened up about his NBA experiences, including his feelings on post-game interviews and the first time he went to a strip club with his teammates.

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Stefani performed a live music video that doubled as an ad for Target during the broadcast, dancing on roller skates and visiting a bar with a neon sign reading "Blake's." On on Tuesday night, the host teased, "Now was that for Blake Lively or Blake Griffin? " Stefani joked it was just a coincidence before admitting that the song is indeed about Blake Shelton."I'm really excited, he asked me right before season started so we've been keeping it on the down low for quite a while," she told E! "So I'm excited to finally be able to share it with the world!"Upton and Verlander have been dating for about three years.The insider claims that Kendall, 21, and Blake, 28, have “just been hanging out and getting to know each other better,” and since “both have crazy schedules…right now they’re just going with the flow.” Which definitely makes sense: Kendall is an internationally known and increasingly wealthy fashion model; Blake is the sole superstar left on the Los Angeles Clippers, and just signed a $173 million contract.Neither of them has a whole lot of free time on their hands (especially Blake, what with the two children he’s had with Brynn Cameron).They split up for a brief period a couple years ago but quickly got back together.

During this time, Upton was linked to NBA power forward Blake Griffin and other athletes.

But it’s the insider’s final comment–”They’re not exclusive”–that has the gossip flowing.

Is that supposed to mean Kendall and Blake are simply friends who’ve gone out a couple times…or does it suggest that they’re no longer exclusively with their former romantic interests?

It’s only been about three months now since Nick Young and Iggy Azalea broke up, but it looks like both of them have moved on with their lives despite their messy split that included reports about Young getting his ex-girlfriend Keonna Green pregnant while he was engaged to Iggy.

The two reportedly in contact with one another as recently as just a few weeks ago—Gilbert Arenas called Young out for talking to Iggy on the phone in a NSFW Snapchat video—but just last week, Iggy was spotted kissing French Montana on a boat while the two were on vacation together.

The reality star and NBA player Tristan Thompson are casually dating.