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Vanessa simmons speed dating movie

In truth, this speed-dating event is more of a ploy, because its main objective is to sweet talk each woman and get her into bed for sex.The premise sounds interesting; unfortunately, hits many speed bumps throughout with overacting, weak storyline, boredom, and dry comedy, leading to the inevitable – a crash.

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(Note: Spoilers will be revealed, mainly the speed-dating happenings with the various women they meet.) The movie begins with the three roommates on a track field in sprinting position.Vanessa Simmons’s nationality is American and her ethnicity is Afro-American.She is the eldest among her siblings and she has three brother and three sisters. Over the past few years, Angela’s relationship with her half-sister Darian was not improving.On the show, Angela recently broke down in front of Darian saying that she wanted things to improve between them.Here’s the newly-released poster of the movie: In case you forgot, Vanessa will play Elizabeth in the movie, along with the likes of Wesley Jonathan, Chico Benymon, Leonard Armond Robinson, Mekita Faiye, Holly Robinson Peete, Chris Elliot, Clint Howard, Chingy, Nick Chinlund, Mark Christopher Lawrence, Roxanne Reese, Kelly Perine and Mary Alexandra Stiefvater.

Speed Dating tells a hilarious story about three single guys and their attempts to find love.

I went to the advance screening of Speed-Dating at ICE Theaters Chatham 14 Tuesday night and decided on a whim to participate in the speed dating game.

I've never played before, but I figured hey, it's free and I'm here--why not?

Vanessa Simmons’s sexual orientation is straight and she is currently in the relationship with her boyfriend Michael Wayans, who is also a son of actor Damon Wayans.

The couples have been in the relationship for several years .

Simmons gave birth to their daughter on February 13, 2014.