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Validating json

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Note that all these validation methods are incomplete; they can only validate the computable aspects of conformance.

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The XML schema can be used to validate XML representations of the resources.Validating that the structure of the document is correct has also been easy when it comes to XML.For example given that a service located at import org.junit. Input Stream; import static com.jayway.restassured. Rest Assured.when; import static com.jayway.restassured.matcher. Rest Assured Matchers.matches Xsd; public class Car Records ITest import org.junit. Matchers.equal To; import static com.jayway.restassured. Rest Assured.given; import static com.jayway.restassured. Json Schema Validator.matches Json Schema In Classpath; public class Json Schema Validation ITest In (1) we check that the response body matches the JSON schema and in (2) and (3) we validate that the greeter service actually greeted the expected person.When running the schematron, use the file "fhir-invariants.sch". The individual schematron files for each resource are provided to allow implementers to build their own smaller combined file that covers the relevant resource types for them.The JSON schema can be used with JSON schema validation software.When exposing REST or HTTP based service APIs it’s important to validate that the API behaves correctly and that the exposed data format is structured in an expected manner.

Using REST Assured it has always been easy to validate that the API behaves correctly and returns the expected data values.

But not to worry, REST Assured (thanks to Francis Galiegue’s library) supports both draft 3 and 4.

The JSON Validate command checks the compliance of the v Json JSON contents with the rules defined in the v Schema JSON schema.

a rule such as "All the clinically important content in the data SHALL be in the narrative", which might be made in an implementation guide, but could never be checked by a conformance tool).

In case of disagreement between these conformance methods, note that: Also, note that static testing of resource content is not enough to prove conformance to the specification.

When validating a resource, you can nominate one of the following schema: In addition, the validation schema includes schematron that can be initiated with transform "iso_svrl_for_xslt2.xsl" included in the XML Tools download.