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Updating the hp mediasmart server

updating the hp mediasmart server-1

Some investigation suggested that it is hanging on a reboot. This is problematic as I use the unit remotely, and having it take itself offline from time to time renders it useless until I can get back home and power cycle it.

updating the hp mediasmart server-74

I kept it running for a year or so, but eventually I needed one of the disks out of it for something else and it sat idle.I already have instructions on how to do that here.Next up you’ll have to copy the Windows Home Server 2011 DVD to the root of the disk.After that the problem could not be reproduced, until I put them back in. I have an EX470 which had a similar issue (Sudden Reboots with no valuable information in the Event Log apart from "The last shutdown was unexpected" and sometimes inability to boot), and in my case it was a faulty RAM Stick.His theory was that the system was running chkdsk, which was taking a long time, as well as possibly stopping to ask a question, which would have hung, given the headless scenario. Running Memtest maybe a problem though as the Media Smart does not have any Monitor Output, no serial console and no other way to get it's video output without soldering in a VGA Socket.Well, I’m positive this is something that HP will not support, so don’t even think of calling them if you go down this road, but I figured it’d be fun if you wanted to continue to use the same hardware.

I took this opportunity to get an HP Pro Liant Micro Server, plus it does at least RAID1 (Mirror) where the Media Smart or Data Vault servers cannot do any form of RAID. Also, I think the Micro Server is quieter than the Media Smart (at least the ex475 that I had) Additionally you’ll have to use the EX490/495 or Data Vault as Vail requires at least 2GB of RAM, which aren’t in earlier models of the Media Smart servers (e.g. So if you’ve got the grey top, you’ve got a lot more work to do that isn’t covered here.

Featuring an Intel Celeron 2.2Ghz 64bit processor and 2GB of RAM as standard and powered by Microsoft® Windows® Home Server software.

Windows Home Server has had a long history that came to a fairly abrupt ending.

One theory I had was a hanging update, although both windows update and HP updates are currently empty, no new update. I can do any testing or answer any questions if needed.

After the latest issue windows did pop up the 'recent updates' message and such. I believe it has happened on 'clean' reboots as well, but it doesn't get rebooted often, so I am not sure. This is a very big problem me, and I would greatly appreciate any help. A HP support rep had me remove both additional disks that I had added (2 extra 1 TB drives).

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about Free NAS and I thought maybe I could resurrect this hardware once again.