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Updating ruby gem

* Document-method: put_float32 * call-seq: memory.put_float32offset, value) * @param [Numeric] offset * @param [Numeric] value * @return [self] * Put value as a 32-bit float in memory at offset offset (alias: #put_f loat).

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UPDATE 2014-12-21: Ruby Gems 1.8.30, 2.0.15, and 2.2.3 have been released.It is flexible enough to even let you maintain a set of gems per environment, or per development branch, or even per individual developer's taste!RVM reduces the complexity of the many facets of ruby development through its command-line API.Our say will be final in case of disputes due to typos that may appear in the aforementioned pages.Price may be subjected to change without advance notice.Show the dependencies of an installed gem The dependency commands lists which other gems a given gem depends on.

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This makes working with multiple complex applications, where each has a long list of gem dependencies, much more efficient.

RVM lets you easily test gem upgrades, by switching to a new clean set of gems to test with, while leaving your original set intact.

With a single product and a single UI, New Relic lets you see the whole stack, front and back, in a real-time performance dashboard you can access anytime, anywhere.