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Updating pro tools

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Avid have announced Pro Tools 12.7.1 is now available.If you have one interface then it will be $299, if you have 10 interfaces it will still be $299 and NOT $2990.DON'T worry as there are a number of scenarios that will mean most people will automatically receive the Digi Link I/O license at NO extra cost.The big news with the release of Pro Tools 12.6 is that Avid are unbundling the HD hardware, interfaces and software so you can buy just the bits you want.So yes you will be able to buy the Pro Tools HD Software on its own, without having to buy a card or an interface.Financing as Easy as 1 Click Away with Rates as low as 2%. Shops need their Diagnostic Tools Quick and we realize that, so our Staff is trained to get the job done quick and efficient.

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In this third article on the release of Pro Tools 12.6 we are looking at the changes to the pricing as a result of Avid unbundling the HD Software and Hardware.

In the first article we presented an overview of the new features and changes and in the second article we covered the new features added in Pro Tools 12.6.

However as part of the process to decouple the interface from the bundles, Avid are introducing a new one-off Digi Link I/O license, which all users will need whether they are using an Avid interface or a 3rd party interface.

This is a one time license that will be $299 but note this is NOT per interface.

These estimates can be translated into bid line items with a single click.