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Updating formica

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There are some photos to show how she did it but the DIY Network has a great tutorial illustrating the process from start to finish.

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A primer designed for use on laminate helps traditional water- or oil-based paint adhere or use a specialty acrylic enamel paint meant for use on laminate surfaces.Painting is the easiest way to change the look of laminate cabinets.However, because the surface is slick, you can't just paint them the way that you would wood cabinets.In addition to the cabinets and wall colors, you will also need to consider updating your kitchen countertops.The island in the middle of the kitchen, serves as a center piece for people to gather, eat and drink, or just prepare a meal.If you've got old Formica cabinets in your home that look dingy or clash with your decor, you might think that you're stuck with them.

While you could replace the cabinets completely, this process might be too time consuming or simply out of your budget.

Instead of shelling out the cash for new cabinets, you can update your Formica cabinets to match any decorating theme with paint.

Known for their bold colors and slick surfaces, laminate cabinets are often the biggest culprit in giving your kitchen a dated look.

White paint can help brighten your kitchen and give it a fresh look, while a sleek black or dark brown paint gives your laminate cabinets some modern flair.

So you have some formica laminate countertops, do you?

Here are five quick fixes for that counter you can't stand to look at one more day...