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Updating catalogs backup exec 2016

updating catalogs backup exec 2016-80

If there is a way to read what files are copied in the copy bundle resources build step, then we could just pick those asset catalogs when building our own.Right now it just looks for xcassets files in the source directory. I think one of you (or others with the same issue) will have to sit down and spend some time playing with Xcode to see if you can find a pragmatic solution that works regardless of Cocoa Pods.

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Which xcasset that get copied is determined by the target membership (and ultimately by the build step "copy bundle resources").I have a project with different "themes" that are used for different xcode targets.For the themes I have two xcasset catalogs, one with red graphics and one with green graphics.These are the shadow copies that the Windows guest operating system takes on it’s own filesystem (completely unrelated to VMware).To my surprise after doing this, not only was I able to create a quiesced snapshot, but the snapshot processed almost instantly (200x faster than previously when it was functioning).Make sure the path is physical, if you put logical file name it will return an error.8. This should be resolve the problem mentioned above.

I always check consistence of the database as well as I reset the status of the database to original status.10.

fails to create a file), the ENTIRE installation process stops, meaning I have to run it again, and laborously re-enter all my installation choices again :( .(a) Please add graceful error handling, rather than halting installation.(b) It would be great if it remembered/defaulted to my previous installation choices (at least for the main ones like the backup location, my choice of icon colours, and where to install documentation - and even better if it remembered where I installed different programs).* Installation repeatedly failed to install the exif.library , so I had to do this manually. (Initially the version check triggered Run In UAE's 68k execution detection, so I suspected this was at fault, but I rebooted & disabled Run In UAE, and still got the same problem.)* Installation of both Clock & Calendar failed while copying their respective Presets.

I believe they fail to create the Clock & Calendar folders in the Presets folder, before trying to copy files to them.

This is an issue that effects quite a few people and numerous forum threads can be found on the internet by those searching for the solution.

This can occur both when taking manual snapshots of virtual machines when one chooses “Quiesce guest filesystem”, or when using snapshot based backup applications such as v Sphere Data Protection (v Sphere v DP).

Source: language=en_US&cmd=display KC&external Id=1007696 The Surprise Fix: In the days leading up to the failure when things were running properly, I did notice that the quiesced snapshots for that VM were taking a long time process, but were still functioning correctly before the failure.