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Updating an antique wardrobe trunk

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It seemed like it may have been a simple case of moving day or spring cleaning for the previous owner and this trunk just didn't make the cut.

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Mary still wanted to go take a look so once we got inside I changed my mind again and thought there's no harm in checking it out.Any flat tin that is rusted through will need to be replaced with new tin or aluminum sheet metal. In a best case scenario you can just clean with Murphy's Oil soap , sand, and re-coat with tung oil or top coat of your choice.If you do refinish the wood slats, use an oil stain such as Canvas covered trunks originally had paint applied to make them somewhat water resistant.Any ideas of a DIY way I could transform the left side into something more useful?Sent by Lauren Editor: Leave your suggestions for Lauren in the comments — thanks! Send us yours with pic attachments here (those with pics get answered first).The refinishing process is a time-consuming project, but well worth results. Scrape any loose material from the surface of the steamer trunk.

Repeat the process until all of the fabric or paper is removed.

Q: I have a cute antique vertical steamer trunk in my bedroom that I've been using as storage.

It is similar to the one in the photo; only the colors are different.

And the suitcase is unused: It's not a small piece of furniture and I feel like it's silly to have it taking up so much space when half of it only holds a couple things.

The trunk was cheap and isn't in the best condition, so I was planning on painting the inside soon.

Lift the head of the nail and pull out with the pliers.