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The gay president is dating the sadistic princess

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They would not say why, but a few seconds later she was asked: "How well did you know the deceased?

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Barbara brought Tony into the world and as a young man - he provided her exit from it All her life, Barbara Baekeland had been partial to autumnal colours: the rust-coloured skirts and bronze shoes she favoured suited her flaming red hair and fair skin.Now I’m associated with him,” the second contestant said.“Try explaining that to your mother.” Ironically, he said, the show’s contract specifically stipulated that cast members should not appear in sex tapes or naked pictures that show contestants’ faces.Even now, aged 50, her beauty was bewitching - she could pass for a woman 20 years younger.It was this flamboyant glamour that had ensnared her husband, Brooks Baekeland, wealthy grandson of the man who invented Bakelite, the world's first plastic.This is a better showing than the last time we conducted this poll. Character ages are hard to verify, but it looks as though only a single character over the age of 40 made the Top 50.

Without further ado, here are the Top 50 Greatest Gay TV Characters…

And speaking of the UK, seven of the top 50 characters originate from shows produced in that country.

Seven of the top 50 were men of color, including Nasir.

A few weeks ago we asked readers to name their favorite gay or bisexual male characters of all time.

(As usual, we left the female characters to our sisters over at After Ellen.) Now, after sorting through the thirty thousand plus write-in votes, we have the results, and one thing leaps out at us: you guys certainly have a soft spot for the bad boys!

He needs a big story or a scandal or a fight to push him in business and make people afraid of him.'Now seen by many as the quintessential New York couple, the pair married in 2001, and are constantly seen out together, though they maintain separate residences. This outing of Diller comes as a bit of a surprise, especially after Smith herself was outed by New York publicist Bobby Zarem, who once mailed invitations to members of the media and Social Register alike announcing that she and longtime partner Iris Love were tying the knot.