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Developed in the early 1960s, the T-64 was the first tank in the world to feature composite armour protection and was, in many ways, a revolutionary design that would not only kick off development of the next generation of Soviet tanks, but would also announce the dawn of a new era of tank development.

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Mc Kayla became an Internet sensation after a photograph captured her rueful expression during the medal ceremony for the women's vault, with her lips pursed to the side.For us, War Thunder is a bit of a shooting range for 20th century combat vehicles, an opportunity to see machines from various nations and of different designs in one battle.Today we will try to answer the most common questions related to the newest addition - rank 6 ground vehicles!Your next fire will release all of the pre-loaded rockets.These rockets create larger explosions and deal 250 damage per shot. Kinessa throws out up to 2 mines that deal 4 damage every .2s to connected enemies. Bonus Damage: Your Carbine deals 30% increased damage to enemies affected by Oppressor Mines.(You must be 18 and over to play.) Dec 04, 2015 • 100,000 words • Press-Switch is a game designed by Skiegh and is primarily focused on Body Swapping but with quite a numerous amount of other forms of TF and things of a similar nature.

It is a Visual Novel style game which, while, on occasion will follow the typical VN format of a linear storyline, will more often than not, lead off into entirely different tangents with each decision made.

I’m calling this an “open beta” version, but it should not be too different from the eventual “official 1.0” version I plan to finish later this summer.

I got a lot to say about it now that it is officially out.

The picture made Mc Kayla an overnight celebrity, and, it transpires, attracted some of the negative trappings of fame.

Speaking from the family home in Long Beach, 24 miles south of Los Angeles, Erin Maroney revealed, ‘We have hired specialist security guards to make sure Mc Kayla is never on her own.

A mystery develops as time line events don't always happen like they are supposed to.