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Sophos control center not updating clients

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UITS will administer and maintain a private Sophos list for all AVUS subscribers for the purpose of conveying announcements related to technical support issues such as unscheduled downtimes, system maintenence, AVUS failures, hardware failures, etc.

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At one point, Sophos was delivering all antivirus updates out of its London data center.It is also used as a place to submit technical questions related to all campus licensed Sophos products.Anyone can post/submit a question to this list, but it is not open for subscription.Why Use Sophos Endpoint Security Control University of Arizona computers include Sophos software.Faculty, Staff, and Students can also download a free copy of Sophos Anti-virus software for home use by clicking on the Sophos Download link below.Sophos support is useless, keep getting some dude in broken english that thinks my issue is that the clients cannot see the server, that is not the case. We moved from one sophos server to a new sophos server and migrated all our clients and clients show the correct path to \\sophosserver\Sophos Update\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP\However, after a few days our clients are still showing up in the console as outdated: Also another frustrating feature of the Sophos Enterprise Console is there does not seem to be a "refresh" option to see if any thing changed.

What Is Sophos Endpoint Security and Control Sophos Endpoint Security and Control for Windows and Mac is a single endpoint client that detects viruses, spyware and adware, suspicious files, suspicious behavior and potentially unwanted applications (PUAs); monitors the transfer of sensitive and confidential data; and controls the use of removable storage devices and unauthorized Vo IP, IM, P2P and gaming software—eliminating the need for separate stand-alone products.

“We could not tolerate the London data center being unavailable to deliver updates.

But as our customer base grew, we knew we had to solve this issue in a smarter way,” explains Andy Smith, Senior Systems Engineer for Sophos.

It authenticates users with Cyberoam integrated with local or external authentication servers.

Users can manually input the username and password for authentication and would be able to save the credentials for auto login during computer boot process.

By eliminating the need to remember different passwords for each application, CTAS delivers high ease-of-use to end-users, higher levels of security in addition to lowering operational costs.