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Booked in: PM November 24, 2015 Date of birth: 11/4/1992 Booked in connection with: court order adult Editor’s note: People who are booked into jail haven’t been charged with or convicted of a crime.

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Booked in: AM November 24, 2015 Date of birth: 3/23/1985 Booked in connection with: probation violation county misdemeanor Editor’s note: People who are booked into jail haven’t been charged with or convicted of a crime.While presumably some people who buy things on Craigslist (or similar Internet sites) are disappointed because they got less than they bargained for, William Marotta might lodge the opposite complaint. Although this may sound unusual, it is an increasingly common practice among prospective parents seeking to save money or seeking to meet a prospective donor in person, rather than simply relying on information provided by a cryobank about an anonymous donor.He answered an ad posted by two lesbian women who were looking for a sperm donor. (As I explain in a previous column, there are a variety of websites designed to match women with potential donors, and there are a variety of reasons why people might turn to such a site.)In this case, the two women briefly corresponded with Marotta before meeting with him in person and agreeing to proceed with the donation. applied for welfare benefits on multiple occasions. finally complied with the request by The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) that she turn over a copy of the sperm donor contract.Review the following list and see if you need to re-evaluate the person you’re spending time with.Mark each statement that may apply to your relationship: _ I am pulling away from my friends.Although the three adults signed agreements making clear that Marotta’s role was to cease after he donated the sperm, the state of Kansas claims that he is the father of the child that was conceived with his sperm. M., a trial court ruled that the agreements between Marotta and the two women are not enforceable, and that he is liable for child support dating back to the child’s birth. At the first meeting, Marotta was presented with a sperm donor contract, which he believed had been downloaded from the Internet. On forms requesting her to identify other household members, she did not include A. On forms requesting that she identify the child’s father, she indicated that the father was an unnamed “donor.” At one point, she indicated the father was an “anonymous donor.”However, Marotta’s identity was eventually revealed when J. Once she did, so, it became clear to both that there was another female intended parent that the donor was not anonymous.

And the state has just won the first round in the litigation (which Marotta has said he will appeal). He did not seek legal advice as to the enforceability of such a contract. The Donor Is Outed—And Sued for Child Support A year after the child was born, the two women broke off their relationship. DCF filed a petition to establish Marotta’s paternity—a necessary step towards obtaining a child support order against him—and requested an order of support, payment for expenses of the child’s birth, and costs for pursuing the action against him. was also brought into the proceeding, as she sought to be recognized as the child’s second legal parent, but her claims were bifurcated and deferred.)Kansas Law on Sperm Donors Like many states, Kansas has a specific provision of law dealing with sperm donors.

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