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Sccm hardware inventory not updating

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1.check if you are able to connect to admin$ and see the log file i.e ccmexec.log( service is running or not) 2.check it the machine has problem with WMI repository, this is the most possible issue to resolve. Resource ID from SMS_R_System inner join SMS_G_System_WORKSTATION_STATUS on SMS_G_System_WORKSTATION_STATUS. Resource Id where DATEDIFF(dd, SMS_G_System_WORKSTATION_STATUS. Last Hardware Scan, Get Date()) solution that i tried got worked.

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Hardware inventory action cycle is listed under configuration manager client properties.this made me understand the process a lot better – but I also found that there were many articles around the web – but none of them really offered a complete start to finish guide on how to troubleshoot these issues – so here is my attempt – and I hope it helps someone.This article does assumes that the SCCM client is installed on the clients PC (I think that’s fair!I checked the logs on some of my clients and they seemed to report both hardware and software inventory just fine, and sent it to my management point.I checked the logs on my SCCM server and every time i recieved the inventory report from clients I got an SQL error saying that the rows in my table could not be updated.Then the client sends the collected inventory information to a management point.

Recently I ran into a few issues at a client around SCCM hardware inventory…

Specifically I refer to the information shown in the image below:- The inventory information was in the resource explorer but not being reflected here.

Firstly there is a delay of roughly 24 hours between the actual inventory operations (Hardware Inventory, Software Scan, Policy Request etc.) and the console update.

Here is the collection which gives you all computers which doesnt report inventory for x days(taken 15days).

you can the simple batch script to reolve WMI that i posted on my web( This can be done Via psexec on list of script will compile the MOF file with site server and it resolve most of the systems that failed in sending hinv .

) Log directories we will be using: Client logs x86: C:\Windows\System32\ccm\logs Client logs x64: C:\Windows\Sys Wow64\ccm\logs Server Logs: X:\Program files\Microsoft Configuration manager\Logs Server MP Logs: X:\Program files\SMS_CCM\logs When I refer to logs in this document, I have truncated some of the information for readability.