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Rowvalidating event datagridview

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Next, you'll need to add a Data Grid View to a form.

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You'll be able to ask any tech support questions, or chat with the community and help others.So a record changes in the master record set and a list of detail records appears in the grid relating to the new master record.This is the code I used to add a new Combobox column to a Data Grid View, where the DB field name is trans_type.C# with My SQL is certainly much more challenging, but hopefully at the end of the day you will have a future proofed application which does not require expensive software licences.Were it not for the use of Sharp Develop I don't think this project would have got started since I certainly cannot justify shelling out for Visual Studio.Whereas in Delphi there are data aware components, this is not the case in NET where first you have to manage the Data Grid View and then you have to manage the database updates.

I usually find that most of my uses for the Data Grid View control are where there is a need for a master detail relationship.

It looks like the "Row Validating" event DOESN' T fire if the grid is on a MODAL form but it DOES fire when the grid is on a NON-MODAL form.

I suspect I may have been doing it wrong but here's the situation.

The other advantage is that once one application is converted the following conversions will be much more straightforward.

The Data Grid View is a very powerful component in NET 2.0, but there are many pitfalls waiting for the unwary.

I'm at a loss at what would be the best method to avoid the second firing of events: 1) Googling suggests using Suspend Binding/Resume Binding of Binding Source class to disable the event firing.