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Radiometric dating results

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All truth is God’s truth, including the truths revealed in the creation.If radiometric dating works—and I believe it reveals accurate dates most of the time—Christians should not be intimidated.

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Th method, which is the only direct metal dating method proposed to date.One assumption that can be made is that all the lead in the sample was once uranium, but if there was lead there to start with, this assumption is not valid, and any date based on that assumption will be incorrect (too old).In the case of carbon dating, it is not the initial quantity that is important, but the initial ratio of C, but the same principle otherwise applies.Young-Earth creationists regularly attack radiometric dating techniques, thinking that if they discredit these methods they will undermine the idea of an ancient Earth, but this is not the case. Radiometric dating is a method of determining the age of an artifact by assuming that on average decay rates have been constant (see below for the flaws in that assumption) and measuring the amount of radioactive decay that has occurred.With this TSAC setup the background signal was extremely low, but comparable to the signal from the measured metals.

Carbon dating is used to determine the age of biological artifacts up to 50,000 years old.

Coming in the future – Ice ages, seafloor sediments, dinosaur bones, and more.

The second presentation at the April 2016 Bozeman young-Earth creation conference was “What You Haven’t Been Told About Radioisotope Dating” by Dr.

Sedimentary rock on the other hand consists of sedimentary particles which were removed and deposited somewhere else by some sort of fluid (generally wind and water).

The sedimentary particles predate the rock which they form.

Micro-PIXE, micro-RBS and SEM-EDS were used as complementary analytical techniques in order to search for heterogeneities and/or impurities that could bias the TSAC data.