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Quicken hangs updating financial institution information

When I used a PC I was a heavy Microsoft Money user.When I switched to a Mac, I assumed that after all the good things I had heard about Quicken that I’d be better off. I bought a copy of Quicken, installed it, headed over to my bank’s website and downloaded the QFX file using the Web Connect button and told Quicken to import it. “Unable to verify the financial institution information for this download” makes it sound as if there is a technical problem that should be cleared up soon.

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That could be true if you don’t need detailed itemization and summation reports for tracking income and expenses as a sole proprietor or small corporation.That’s great praise given how bad Quicken Essentials was and Intuit’s long-running inability to update its flagship financial software for a platform of customers who desperately wanted a new version.At $74.99, Quicken 2015 is also not cheap, but given the small amount I’ve paid for minor updates to 2007 over the years, I was willing to plop my money down.The meetings got a lot more interesting a few years ago, when Mint threw a monkey wrench into the personal finance software market, which led to Intuit acquiring Mint and bringing in its CEO, Aaron Patzer, to re-light the Quicken product line.(You can download Quicken Premier, Quicken Home Business, and Quicken Deluxe from CNET ) Patzer came in with grand visions and ideas to make Quicken a more modern and relevant app.I waited 30 minutes and tried again with the same results.

The next day I tried it again and got the same error message.

With Moneydance, you can view the value of all of your investment accounts and even the performance of how individual stocks and mutual funds are doing.

On top of being great personal finance software, it has a robust budgeting system as well, as you can easily track income and individual expenses with Moneydance.

But for my purposes, Quicken 2015 still isn’t fully baked.

After finding much to like about it, including a crisp interface, a better way to specify transaction details, and good connections to online financial accounts, its failure to import my Quicken 2007 reports (honed over 15 years for business and personal tax and other reporting) and its lack of report customization makes it a non-starter.

What I wanted out of Quicken 2015 for Mac wasn’t improvement so much as a path forward: I wanted to know that when OS X 10.10 Yosemite shipped, I wouldn’t be waiting for Intuit to issue yet another extension on life for Quicken 2007.