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Persona 3 dating more than one girl

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Futaba Sakura: Early levels in this confidant will allow you to reveal the map in Mementos and restore HP gradually in battle, making her not that useful.However, later levels restore SP for nothing, respawn treasure chests, and prevent lethal blows for everyone in your party, which are simply some of the best abilities in the game.

However, she sells one thing that makes her a priority: an SP regenerating accessory.Remember, managing time in Persona 5 is key and while it can be fun to romance literally everyone around you’ll want to focus on one at first.This will allow you to work a part-time job, gather supplies, and rank up other confidants you may not have had the chance to.For more guides, walkthroughs, and tips make sure to visit our Persona 5 wiki.This is a list of characters in the Persona 3 series of video game, including Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable. Even though a lot of the eroticism could be portrayed as admiration, or pseudo-crushes, some of these are still notable.

Also, there are characters who actually deal with LGBT issues, though unlike most media, Persona used to deal with LGBT issues a lot better in the past compared to how they deal with them now.

I just got Persona 3(FES) and have started playing it. This is useful if you need to bust out Dia just for that turn, for example. I can fuse Orpheus and Pixie, and I think I can keep both sets of abilities. Will it ever let me create a Persona I can't equip? The idea behind fusion is that, in general, the stats and skills will be transferred to the newly fused Persona, but this is extremely limited, especially with low-level Persona.

I'm a pretty avid RPG fan, especially games like Final Fantasy and the like. Be aware that you will also be sporting the equipped Persona's strengths and weaknesses from certain elements, so it doesn't hurt to check before you switch Personas in battle for that turn. If you have more than three or four skills in one of the fused creatures, you'll be losing most of them by doing the fusion.

Remember you can romance more than one person, but keep in mind that that will have some ramifications later in the story.

If you want a more detailed explanation of how to woo these NPCs make sure to follow the links for each of the girls.

is out, and everyone is busy managing their time, stealing people’s hearts, fusing their personas into great demons, and dating everyone and everything in sight!