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Once you’re married, you’ll have an eternity with him.

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Why did you decide to write about your dating life—or lack thereof?

For a while, I thought I was being too picky or that my standards were too high, however my friends, family, and even a licensed family and marriage counselor have assured me that is not the case.

So I offer up the following advice on online dating, to be considered for your entertainment, self-improvement, or otherwise.

And apparently, my online dating debacle struck a nerve. the feedback I got really changed my perception of online dating.

I’ve received emails and countless comments thanking me for sharing my experience. The guys who reached out to me weren’t what I was looking for—based on the 60 seconds I spent on their profile. It really made me think hard about the whole thing.

photo personals, groups, chat, webcam video, email, forums, etc.).