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One Romanian Olympic athlete study found those who took 1.5 grams of Supro soy protein daily for two months experienced greater increases in body mass, strength, serum proteins, and calcium, as well as dips in post-training fatigue, compared to athletes who didn’t take soy protein.

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In a startling demonstration of just how astonishing science can be, a team of researchers from Spain, Australia and the UK were able to extract DNA from the plaque that allowed them to tell what the individuals had eaten.

Neanderthals were thought to be enthusiastic meat eaters and an analysis of the remains found in Belgium revealed DNA from woolly rhinoceroses and wild sheep, along with a few mushrooms. One of the researchers, Dr Antonio Rosas, of Spain’s National Natural Science Museum, said: “We were surprised not to find any remains of meat in the Asturias Neanderthals, given that they were thought to be predominantly meat eaters.

“We have discovered that the plaque preserved in his teeth contains sequences of the pathogen , which causes gastrointestinal problems, including serious diarrhoea.

“Additionally, thanks to a hole in his jaw we know he had a dental abscess.

Enlisting the help of Carolyn Brown, nutrition expert and co-founder of Squeeze more bone-fortifying calcium into your diet—without indulging in dairy—by loading up on nuts like peanuts, almonds and pistachios.