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Olivia harrison dating

Olivia and George married in a private ceremony in September 1978 at the Henley-on-Thames Register Office in England.

Harrison produced the memorial Concert For George in 2002 at London's Royal Albert Hall, which featured Eric Clapton, Jeff Lynne, ex-Beatle Paul Mc Cartney, Tom Petty, Billy Preston, Ravi Shankar, Ringo Starr, and her son, Dhani.But there was nothing larger than life about George Harrison.He was “the quiet Beatle”, the one who played lead guitar but took a back seat, who who spoke the least when the Fab Four gave interviews together.Does anyone know if Olivia has a boyfriend or a romance going with someone?From what I read, she is still in love with George and has no plans to re-marry and is also planning on keeping Friar Park. And I really don't think she needs or wants to - after all the Paul Mccartney dating/marriage drama with Heather Mills, I wouldn't be suprised if Olivia kept her love life away from the press.That is the whole point of meditation, the whole point of spiritual practice," says Olivia.

After all, Scorsese is famous for making high-octane dramas peopled with big characters, such Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver or Tommy the psychotic mobster in Goodfellas.

One old friend, legendary racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart, told me this week that any affairs, or flirtations, should probably be regarded as nothing more than par for the course for a man who had become so accustomed to worldwide adulation.‘I didn’t hear about them from him or from Livvy, but that’s not to say that they didn’t happen, as in his first marriage obviously there was all of that going on, with his best friend in love with his wife and so on.’George was not suited to it,’ she says in the documentary.

‘George talked a lot about his nervous system, that he just didn’t want to hear loud noise any more. He didn’t want to be stressed.’Fellow member Tom Petty recalls that every time Harrison had a beer or a joint, he would talk about touring, but that when it came to it, he could never stand to be away from his family and his seclusion for that long.

Two years earlier, she saved his life when an intruder broke into their riverside mansion near Henley-on-Thames and stabbed George several times before she managed to knock him out.

Yet once the throat cancer had moved into his lungs and brain, not even brave Olivia, who loved him so much, could save her husband for a second time.

She wrote the introduction for the 2002 book I Me Mine and authored the book Concert for George: A Celebration of the Life of George Harrison in 2006.