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Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating

But for some strange reason even though I see the value being updated correctly in the NSText Field, the corresponding element in the NSArray Controller's content is set to 2 2, which, obviously, is not what I want.

Drag from the connection circle next to the text Field1 outlet to the top text Field.Do the same for text Field2 and the bottom text Field.Drag from the connection circle next to the do Text action to the top text Field.These allow us to output to the text fields from anywhere in My NSControl, i.e.without having to pass the id's obtained via the IBActions.However, if I go the other way and programmatically change the property's binded key, the value of the text field does not update. Just next to that Table View I created some Text Fields to allow user to write some things into Klient entity (name, city instance? Core Data disables some aspects of KVO for its own internal uses and you might be tripping over one of those.

I am not sure I am implementing the add Entry Window correctly.

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Ideally they should both be talking to the same instance of Based on the variables you are using I wonder what you are trying to accomplish.

Can you post the exact code of the programmatic change you are trying to enact?

Do the same for do Text2 and the bottom text Field as shown in the figure below.