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Newsfeed on facebook not updating

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In this troubleshooting tutorial, we’ll talk about some ways you can try to fix problems where the Facebook or Facebook Messenger app refuse to load.

Many a fine folk have admitted to emailing Facebook to no avail (shocking, right? We offered what solutions we could find, but none were permanent fixes. blog readers commented on a post and yes, they sorta did find a solution to the disappearing Facebook Pages feed. You can follow Twitter, Facebook and Google accounts for her and Design Spike.But then Facebook reconsiders and starts tweaking its feed again. At different times, Facebook has prioritized inane apps, like Super Poke; social games, like Farm Ville; social news; or video sharing. However, every time Facebook's news feed, introduced almost a decade ago, is manhandled, I am left wondering whether it has to change the feed with brute force because its algorithms are just too dumb to improve the service in a way that suits both Facebook—by making money and monopolizing our attention—and its 1.6 billion users.The change boosts our addiction to the platform, and then Facebook, like a tyrannical boy king with a short attention span, tosses aside the toy and demands something shinier. As one of those users, I’d be grateful for improvements.Turns out, in order to see only Page posts (whether you are logged in as your Page or Profile), you simply need to set the parameter for Page posts. Read some of our earlier posts on Facebook like Increase Social Engagement on Facebook or other general Facebook tips and in some cases rants.And you do this by: Note: you can also log in and use the same url as your Profile. Naturally, users are furious, and have taken to Twitter to complain, vent and moan.

’s announcement this week that it would tweak its news feed felt all too familiar: Facebook makes changes, people howl, fortunes are lost, Facebook gets stronger.

If your news feed isn’t working you can try adjusting a few settings but, if all else fails, you may have to report it.

While Facebook uses an algorithm to place stories in your news feed, you can filter your news feed to control how stories are displayed.

Many of you may have noticed that when you log in to Facebook as a Page your news feed is not updating correctly. Do you have any other suggestions for the vanishing Facebook Page news feed? Ally Shoshana is the Communications Officer at Design Spike ®, Inc., a title we made up after watching a Star Trek episode.

In some cases the most recent posts are from three days ago and in other cases, the news feed completely vanishes. She also likes to refer to herself as Queen Narcissa.

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