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News corp in 2016 consolidating the directv acquisition case study

news corp in 2016 consolidating the directv acquisition case study-54

The Seattle judge presiding over Move Inc.’s $2 billion trade theft suit against Zillow ruled Wednesday that one of Zillow’s top executives acted with “willfulness and bad faith” in destroying evidence.Judge Sean O’Donnell will sanction Zillow executive Curt Beardsley by issuing an “adverse instruction,” which means informing jurors that evidence is missing or has been destroyed.

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Beardsley claimed in court documents that he was trying to cover up his hard-core porn habit — rather than destroy incriminating evidence — when he deleted flash drives and scraped computers relevant to the case.These imperial adventures made for good drama but bad business.As Jonathan Knee, Bruce Greenwald, and Ava Seave showed in their book “The Curse of the Mogul” (2009), media stocks significantly underperformed the market in the mogul era.Obsession with dealmaking led them to neglect the basic task of managing their companies.According to a study by Douglas Shapiro, a Bank of America analyst, in most cases their shareholders would have been better off if the deals had never been done.What’s next — TV shows brought to you by the electric company? But media convergence, a term that springs up when one traditional media industry makes moves on another — say newspapers buying TV stations — is again in full swing.

This time, it’s cable companies and Internet service providers (ISPs), the “pipes” in the complicated ecosystem that keeps consumers entertained, with the big pockets and bigger ambitions.

news broke that Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox had made an eighty-billion-dollar bid to acquire Time Warner, it looked like a throwback to the days when the media business was dominated by high-profile moguls obsessed with aggressive takeovers.

In recent years, content companies have become more sedate and disciplined, focussing on efficiency rather than on acquisitions.

It sold off various pieces of the company after the Cold War ended as part of a defense industry consolidation trend.

Direc TV represents the last piece of Hughes that remained of GM's interest in the firm. have approved the transaction, which is subject to regulatory approvals, GM stockholder approval and a tax ruling. Murdoch in 2001 dropped out of negotiations for Hughes when Echo Star Communications trumped his offer.

"Yahoo is a big strong company," he said on CNBC, "with hundreds of millions of users and it's got some really good platforms."For targets, media companies including AMC, Discovery and Scripps could be in the sights of asset-hungry cable and telecom behemoths, said Corey Barrett, an analyst with ITG Investment Research.