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Metro prague dating

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An online survey by the newspaper Tyden found that 46 per cent approved while 46 per cent thought the idea was "absolute nonsense". The idea of love carriages comes as part of a broader plan to get more people using the public transport network in a city where narrow and twisting roads make driving and parking vexing, if not impossible, tasks.Prague will soon play the role of matchmaker by introducing dating cars on the Czech Republic's only metro.

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In the metro, as crammed as it sometimes may be, everyone is a small deserted island.

The idea was hatched as a way to increase ridership on public transportation, according to Filip Drapal, a spokesman for Ropid, the city's public transport authority.

"This idea is just part of a new long-term campaign whose aim is to show what activities can you do in public transport that you cannot do inside your car (like reading, studying, listening to music, playing e-games and checking emails)," Drapal told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

This is because the passengers travelling in it are encouraged not to be shy and instead talk to each other.

Initially, it was supposed to be a carriage purely for dating purposes, but apparently that was too limiting, and so it became the “Communication carriage”; specifically for those who simply like to spend their commute talking to other people. “I couldn’t resist so I tried the communication carriage too.

Of course, there are many things one can "do in public transport which you cannot do inside your car." Why stop at dating?