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Local housing allowance backdating

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People who have reached the qualifying age for Pension Credit may have their claim treated as made earlier up to a maximum of three months without having to show good cause.Use our benefits calculator to see if you might get help with housing costs.

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Sometimes we'll pay your benefit directly to your landlord.If you are a council tenant, we will pay housing benefit every week straight into your rent account.If you are a housing-association tenant, we can either pay you or your landlord, depending on your wishes.How much you get depends on: If you rent from a private landlord, how much you get depends on the Local Housing Allowance.The amount of Local Housing Allowance may be lower than your actual rent.You are allowed one bedroom for:- each adult couple- any other adult (aged 16 or over)- any two children under 10- any two children of the same sex under 16- or any other child For example, a couple with one child would qualify for 2 bedrooms.

A single parent with a girl aged 6 and a boy aged 12 would qualify for 3 bedrooms.

If you were unable to claim at the correct time due to exceptional circumstances, it may be possible to backdate your Housing Benefit.

Apply for backdated Housing Benefit We will consider whether you have good cause for not claiming earlier.

If you're a council tenant, we'll pay your benefit direct to your rent account.

If you're a housing association tenant, we'll pay your benefit direct to your landlord every four weeks (if you've asked us to), or direct to your bank account every two weeks in arrears.

Claim Housing Benefit We’ll decide your claim once we get all of the necessary evidence. We’ll tell you our decision within 21 days of receiving your claim.