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Liquidating real estate assets

Because we have high net worth investors looking to acquire unique and alternative assets all the time, chances are there is somebody interested in your unique asset.This marketplace is available only to our Platinum Tour members of the Mile Marker Club.

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Having been triggered by the financial market crisis at the end of 2008, the sustainable continuation of quite a number of funds was no longer possible, given the high volume of returns to be paid to investors. is a full-service real estate and property management firm based in Hollywood, Florida, with offices in Orlando, Jacksonville and Tampa.Moecker Realty is one of two companies operating under the umbrella of parent company Michael Moecker & Associates, Inc.(Keep in mind this number has nothing to do with employees.) Estate debts should also be ascertained in this second stage.The length of this stage varies widely and depends largely on what needs to be done in order to liquidate the assets.The three main reasons businesses consider liquidating assets are 1) when assets are no longer needed (surplus assets), 2) the business needs additional working capital, or 3) to satisfy creditors.

Before liquidating assets it may be helpful to consult your lawyer and accountant or other tax professional for assistance in planning the liquidation.

Do you have assets in your portfolio you are looking to liquidate?

Ranging from Real Estate to Artwork to Precious Metals to Loans to Vehicles and other hard-to-sell assets, we may be able to assist.

Our clients include commercial and industrial corporations, insolvency trustees, financial institutions, government entities, national retailers, attorneys, manufacturers, curators, executors, business owners and large estates.

As skilled marketing specialists, Ian Wyles Auctioneers will provide you with an efficient way to liquidate your assets by providing you optimal exposure to key buyers.

(MMA) that are dedicated to the successful court-ordered liquidation of real estate assets.