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Jasmina Najjar, one of AUB’s very own English instructors, has recently published an entertaining and much-needed book entitled “Beirut Knights.” Having lived in the United Kingdom throughout her upbringing, Najjar was able to see Lebanese society in a new light upon her return.

We love hearing about how many members of our online Christian Community have been blessed with a new found relationship or marriage.Scientia is available in both electronic and paper formats in a truly open and barrier free format.We digitally distribute and host all content online to enable a truly global and barrier free knowledge sharing platform.Her interest soon metamorphosed into her new book, “Beirut Knights,” which contains a series of twenty-five short stories adapted from real life dating disasters.Nadia, the main character who has lived abroad for most of her life, is a thirty year-old woman going through the struggles of being single in Lebanon.This resulted in stories from different perspectives.

While written to entertain through its tales of dating disasters, Beirut Knights also touches upon certain elements of Lebanese society and sociocultural issues in a light manner.

” states Najjar when asked about the message she wanted to portray throughout the novel.

Najjar simply wanted to show the normality of being single, going on to add that “being single is a valid lifestyle, and can bring people to actually find fulfillment in life through different avenues if marriage is not what they want.” Though Najjar also stresses the beauty of marriage, she sheds light on the difficulties of being surrounded by the expectations of marriage in the Lebanese dating scenes, commenting: “You have a lot of pressure in our society.” The main audience that Najjar had in mind when writing the book were single women and men between the ages of twenty-five and forty.

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