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Per the report, Kimmy is really "annoyed" that Jonathan is set to appear on UK reality show back in 2016.

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You can gain relationship points by dating them at any location with a inside.Either way, sources believe there's a rift between the two considering Jon didn't make an appearance at Kris Jenner's annual Christmas Eve party and opted for Miami instead.Related: Kim Visits Her Makeup Artist's Newborn Twin Boys!Kim has made it clear that if Jonathan is to do the show that she wants to be across for the selection process of his dates and will be giving her opinion to her best friend whilst he is in the UK filming.In Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, you are allowed to date people and develop relationships! You must meet people first to get them on your contacts.Take a seat, grab a glass of wine, a cup of coffee, some popcorn, whatever you would like. If you have a very low tolerance for the Kardashians as well as a low tolerance for the hypersexualization of black bodies you may want to take precaution before entering this post.

WARNING: This post features many headache inducing quotes and videos.

and Faith Evans and Jay Z and Beyonce being just a few of the high-profile couples that have served as the embodiment of love and hip-hop, a figure in rap becoming romantically involved with another superstar or celebrity has become par for the course.

Both stars are no stranger to dating in the spotlight, with the tabloid clippings and headlines from Kanye West’s extended fling with Amber Rose having helped transform the former arm candy into a brand of her own, while Kim Kardashian’s well-documented list of mates run the gamut from music producer to athlete.

To call someone on a date, go to any of the locations listed below and find the symbol. You will only be able to call love interests and real-life contacts.

Dates can become easier by gaining a gold heart bonus.

A confidante dished: "Kim is far from impressed - she had been looking forward to seeing Jonathan at her Mum's annual Christmas party but he didn't want the confrontation so he skipped the party to go to Miami.