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Justin timberlake and cameron diaz dating again

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And we knew since the moment they started dating that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel would be one of our favorite celebrity power couples.That's why a few months ago, we were shocked to hear that there are rumors the pair may be on the outs, with Biel's absence from Timberlake's appearances on the American Music Awards and Saturday Night Live late last year as one piece of "evidence." While those claims seemed to be pretty crazy, we're still curious if Biel will be by Timberlake's side at Thursday's i Heart Radio Music Awards, where he's nominated in five categories, including "Artist of the Year." Whether Biel shows up at the awards ceremony or not, we're certainly hoping all's well with the couple whom we feel like we've known for ages (celebrity culture is weird that way).

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”“Nothing.” Jessica pulls off a pink Post-it note affixed to the wall. “She got married.”“I know Cameron Diaz got married, Justin.”“Yeah, and surfing was our thing,” he says. ”“It’s not that complicated.”Justin drops the controller. Justin: um Justin: I haven’t seen u in like 3 months Justin: u haven’t responded to any of my texts Justin: I don’t have ur sunglasses Justin: u are so irritable Selena: I think u mean ‘irritating’ Justin Blake Lively gives birth to a daughter, according to reports. Timberlake and Biel have known each other for ages: though they have only been married for two years, their relationship began many years ago.Back at the start of 2007, Timberlake was fresh off his break-up with Cameron Diaz, whom he had dated for four years.January 2007: Justin splits from longtime girlfriend Cameron Diaz after almost four years of dating January 16, 2007: Justin and Jessica are spotted chatting at a Golden Globes after-party -- their chemistry reportedly angers an on-looking Cameron Diaz.May 2007: Biel and Timberlake take things to the next level with a trip overseas.Like the gentleman that he is, Timberlake checked with his friend to make sure it would be all right for him to give Biel a call. "I had to be pretty persistent in order to get her to say yes," Timberlake said at a press conference in 2012.

They were later seen cozying up at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival.

Shortly after, he and Biel met through mutual friends.

They were also seen chatting at Timberlake's Golden Globes after party at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel that year, where he and Diaz also reportedly had an argument.

The model-turned-actress has been single since April, when she dumped actor Jared Leto after four years together.

Recently, she was linked to Leonardo Di Caprio and Lost World: Jurassic Park star Vince Vaughn.

December 2008: Jessica tells the UK edition of , "Justin Timberlake is the one part of my life that I own." And how does JT feel about that, Jess?