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James blunt who is he dating

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Even with all the stories and odd behaviors he has handled it all nicely to have a new babe.

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Now, two albums later, the former Army reconnaissance officer, 39, is back with a new release, Moon Landing.He said: "Your first love is probably the most idealistic.I probably do have a sense of romantic yearning, but I'm really a failed romantic, as the songs attest." The girl in question is thought to be Dixie Chassay, a casting director who has worked on the Harry Potter movies, whom Blunt dated long before he became famous.Blunt penned this stark, heartfelt ballad of regret with Eg White.The British songwriter is best known for his contributions to Will Young's Ivor Novello winning hit "Leave Right Now" and Adele's international smash, "Chasing Pavements." Blunt admitted in an interview with The Daily Telegraph that his songs of regret are always about the same girl.Though I know the song is about a love lost but the person is still around, it is still the closest thing I've heard that comes to the pain of loosing your "ONE" suddenly to death.

My wife (my best friend) died in a accident, we were together for 6 years, 2 years we were married.

Representatives for Kate Upton made an announcement on their twitter accounts saying they were investigating.

Charlie Sheen has a brand new pornographic actress leading lady which is Georgia Jones.

He's someone whose only way of communicating honestly and without fear or caution is to sing.

And then, and only then, can we hear the voice that he hears in his own head - and it's the same voice his fans hear in theirs.

The single features similar artwork to that used for So Far Gone, however, used a red-based background instead of a black-based background.