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I shot with the 200-500 one day and optically I thought it was pretty good, but acquisition speed was abysmal to me.I was honestly a little shocked that Nikon didn't put a faster motor in it.

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Plenty of buyers are interested – last week the New York Times reported that one of the top bids has come from online ride ordering firm Uber for $3 billion dollars. Nokia bought the navigation firm back in 2007 for over $8 billion, and its value may have increased since then.Designed to streamline and simplify the vehicle inspection process, the Mobile Driver App makes it easy to schedule, carry out, confirm and follow up all forms of inspection from daily walk-a-rounds to formalised weekly/monthly safety checks.Regular, audited vehicle inspections are a fundamental element of fleet management.Even as Nokia is reportedly thinking about selling its HERE maps division, the company continues to offer updates to its HERE maps apps.Nokia has released a major new offline maps update for its Windows Phone, i OS and Android apps. August POV I put T on the wheelchair and the doctor ask me do I want to come so I did.

Tinashe POV I was a little jealous that everybody said that the baby looks just like august. So far the baby is quiet and she only crys if she hungry or need her diaper change. Me: august what if we wake the baby I moaned August POVT keep trying to ignore the fact that she wants to make love again.

Maps have become a crucial centerpiece of a host of digital technologies and businesses, ranging from smartphones to cars.

Now there's a major bidding war pitting software companies, Internet firms, and automakers against one another to acquire one of the foremost mapping companies in the world.

Having accurate maps is not only critical to finding a restaurant or gas station, the right map can enable autonomous systems for cars, increase fuel efficiency, and reduce delivery times for companies like Fed Ex and Amazon.

So it's not surprising that a group of German automakers, said to include BMW, Audi, and Mercedes-Benz, is also reportedly bidding for Here.

In addition, the depiction of public transit maps has been improved in a number of cities in the Americas, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.