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Is oxybutinin sedating

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I found a bottle of oxybutynin 5mg tablets in my stepdaughter's bedroom and i just wanted to know what this medication is used for and if i should be worried if it is like a pain pill or if i should be worried about an addiction to it? i have been on oxybutynin for about two weeks and ive had problems with dry mouth but that dosent bother me as much as my throte does. When taken in excess, it can cause seizures and psychosis. I know that people have been abusing this medication for urinary incontinence to make themselves feel high. Many young people are currently using oxybutynin to achieve a sedated feeling or "high" because of the way that it acts in the body.

In those with overflow incontinence because of diabetes or neurological diseases like multiple sclerosis or spinal cord trauma, oxybutynin can worsen overflow incontinence since the fundamental problem is that the bladder is not contracting.The proportion who received sedatives or anticholinergics in the 6 months prior to and post initiation of anti-dementia therapy was determined.The cohort included 24,110 patients, with over half aged 75−84 years.Overall, 30 % received any class of anticholinergic or sedative medicine for at least 1 month in the 6 months prior to initiation of anti-dementia agents, and 36 % post initiation.Some patients (6 %) ceased anticholinergics or sedatives post initiation even though they had them in the months prior.PLEASE READ THE DISCLAIMER CAREFULLY BEFORE ACCESSING OR USING THIS SITE.


In two trials of patients with overactive bladder, transdermal oxybutynin 3.9 mg/day decreased the number of incontinence episodes and increased average voided volume to a significantly greater extent than placebo.

There was no difference in transdermal oxybutynin and extended-release oral tolterodine.

Hi I have been taking oxybutynin 5 mg for a year now it's not helping the sweat anymore .like I sweat more and it has order under the arm.. Please help me so I can get back out with my friends. I've found that oxybutynin taken at about 100mg will cause intense hallucinations.

I have used everything on the counter, what else can use or what can my doctor give... Which are probably just caused by the fact this drug just makes you confused as heck. Your honestly probably better off slamming your head against a wall until you lose it than trying to abuse oxybutynin.

) is an anticholinergic medication used to relieve urinary and bladder difficulties, including frequent urination and inability to control urination (urge incontinence), by decreasing muscle spasms of the bladder. It also has direct spasmolytic effects on bladder smooth muscle as a calcium antagonist and local anesthetic, but at concentrations far above those used clinically. The (R)-enantiomer is a more potent anticholinergic than either the racemate or the (S)-enantiomer, which is essentially without anticholinergic activity at doses used in clinical practice.