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Is joaquin phoenix dating

However, a representative for Joaquin has insisted the duo are merely good friends, having previously worked together on the Spike Jonze-directed Her.

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They were first reported to be going out by Page Six a few weeks ago, though Phoenix’s rep said they were ‘just friends’ at the time.being nominated for four Golden Globes on Sunday, she opted to instead spend time "holed up together in the desert" with the 42-year-old. However, Phoenix's rep says the two celebs are "just good friends": star has been connected to Charlie Mc Dowell for about six years, but the two haven't been photographed together since August. Are these two just trying to get publicity for their movie? So now that you have all the info, what do U think is going on here??In the movie, Joaquin, 42, fell in love with a computer as he and 31-year-old Rooney’s character divorced.But now it appears the two actors are themselves in love, having fallen for each other properly on the set of their new biblical movie Mary Magdalene, which finished shooting last month.The two were said to be “holed up together” at a spa in Desert Hot Springs, Calif.

However, Phoenix’s rep since denied the romance rumors, insisting the duo are “good friends” who are just preparing production for their 2018 flick, Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far on Foot.

In fact, the Lion actress reportedly skipped the Golden Globes last weekend to “hole up together in the desert” with Phoenix.

The duo reportedly were spotted at We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California.

Actors falling for their co-stars is not a new phenomenon, but they still manage to surprise us from time to time.

Some we can see coming from a mile away, but we can honestly say that we were not expecting this one.

This sighting comes soon after a source close to the situation has told the New York Post newspaper that they skipped the recent Golden Globes ceremony in order to spend time 'together in the desert'.