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This material, although created for experiential/informal settings of USY and Kadima, can be used within a congregational school environment as well.

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Participants: Avriel Bar-Levav (Open University of Israel) Javier Castaño (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid) Débora Matos (King’s College London/University of Münster) Michael Miller (Central European University, Budapest) Alicia Montoya (Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen) Andrea Schatz (King’s College London) Emile Schrijver (Jewish Historical Museum/University of Amsterdam) Pavel Sládek (Charles University Prague) Aviad Stollman (National Library of Israel) Joshua Teplitzky (Stony Brook University, SUNY) Marek Tuszewicki (Jagiellonian University, Kraków) Bart Wallet (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) Joris van Zundert (Huygens Instituut, Amsterdam) Irene Zwiep (University of Amsterdam) Supported by the European Association of Jewish Studies and the Amsterdam School of Historical Studies.Please note that some of this material may appear out of date and may need to be revised, however content is still useful and relevant.These programs differ slightly from what you will find on the program bank page.Why does this one mitzvah count more than the others?For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll admit right now that I have a visceral reaction to intermarriage. Although she did not raise us with too much observance, marrying Jewish was something she drilled into my sisters’ and my heads.Which was obviously none of my business, since these people were complete strangers (not like it would have been much more of my business if they weren’t). What exactly is wrong with two people who love each other (well, at least I assume they do, remember we’re talking about strangers here! It’s why when a random Jew commits a crime (usually, white collar, that’s our style!

) wanting to spend the rest of their lives together? ) it’s my Although Joe Shmostein doesn’t even know that I exist (or that I’ve been clicking through his pictures, for that matter) – knowing something upsetting about his life upsets me. These two people will hopefully make each other very happy. The non-Jewish wife probably isn’t even religious if she were willing to marry him.

A few months ago while on Facebook, I started looking at an old high school friend’s pictures.

As is often the case on Facebook, pictures of someone I didn’t know any more led me to pictures of someone I didn’t know at all. ) And then I saw a picture of two strangers which made me sad.

The amendment was adopted Monday in Atlanta at the annual international convention of the Conservative movement’s youth group.

The change affects the 100 or so teen officers who serve on USY’s national board and 17 regional boards.

6–7 February 2017, Universiteit van Amsterdam Convenors: Dr Andrea Schatz (King’s College London), Professor Irene Zwiep (University of Amsterdam), Professor Emile Schrijver (Jewish Historical Museum) The Roundtable will provide time, space and structure for a pioneering attempt to synchronize research agendas in Jewish Studies and the Digital Humanities with regard to early modern and modern Jewish print cultures.