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Initiative safer dating

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Perhaps influenced by the approaching Halloween, the first in a scary-looking series of images puts forward one of the key myths about signing up to a dating site: Always be cautious about the people you meet online, especially if they start asking for money to help a family member, to visit you or pay medical bills etc.

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The ultimate goal is to empower women to take control of their own safety and well-being as women are statistically more vulnerable to violence, harassment/stalking and sexual assault than men (Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses, 2013).That is sound advice, but we have more tips for staying safe when you use online dating sites. Probably not, and so you shouldn’t give away such information on a dating site, or anywhere else on the web for that matter.The same goes for your phone number, full name and even your Facebook profile which can, of course, give away a huge amount of personal information to anyone who cares to take a look at it (also read our 5 tips to make your Facebook account safer).Chip manufacturers Intel and Nvidia aimed high with their visions for processing power.Nvidia unveiled its Isaac Initiative, an artificial intelligence platform for training the robots of the future in a virtual environment known as a Holodeck.The tech year might kick off in January with CES, but it's midway through the year at Computex, Asia's biggest tech show, when we start to see the computing power that's really driving next-gen technology.

This year, when the tech world descended on Taiwan, it was all about smarter processing, new form factors for better gaming and bringing all these superior experiences to the masses for a better price.

However, it doesn’t hurt to place a little more caution when using these sites to start talking to someone, just as you would if you met a stranger in a bar or at a party.

“What’s frustrating is that there are a minority of people who use online dating as a forum to target vulnerable people, knowing if they invest a lot of time into building a relationship with someone, they could potentially steal a lot of money.

Dell brought us two new all-in-ones, including the first to pack an octa-core processor, as well as a low-cost gaming PC born out of the company's partnership with AMD. Also on the gaming front, MSI was showing off serious power with the Titan GT75VR gaming laptop that can pack two Ge Force 1070 GPUs and a world-first cooling system.

These brands clearly all want to up your screen time, and they're willing to offer some seriously powerful specs or lower prices to do it.

Of course there may come a time when you decide to meet in real life someone that you’ve chatted to online.