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In the calculations of online dating love can be cruel

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In fact, you may be blue for some time, thinking about all the bad things in your workplace or your social circle.The negative person, however, now may seem happy — she's offloaded all of her negative thoughts and energy onto you, and having done so, she may be quite cheerful.

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To show how the maths might work, she uses the story of Peter Backus, a mathematician and long-standing singleton who once calculated that there were more intelligent alien civilisations in the galaxy than potential girlfriends for him to date.You may start to spend a lot of time and emotional strength trying to cheer them up.They may bombard you with their negativity so that you have to spend energy trying to fend it off.The psychic number can be influenced by changing one’s name.The psychic number indicates what one thinks about oneself.In her new book, Hannah admits that many people would question the ability of maths to unlock the secrets of the human heart.

‘Human emotions, unlike mathematical equations, are not neatly ordered or well-behaved,’ she concedes.

The cinema is showing nothing but romcoms, every restaurant is crammed with smug couples holding hands and gazing soppily into each other’s eyes and when you visit the supermarket to buy a ready meal for one and a bottle of consolatory gin, you have to fight your way through a thicket of cheap red roses.

Unless you are very young (or exceptionally arrogant), it is hard to feel certain of finding love.

This is one hallmark of a toxic person — having thoroughly upset you, she's pretty happy, at least for a while.

The key to coping with toxic people in your life is to minimize your contact with them and to understand what's happening when they start to spew negativity.

Most people have known or worked with (or even been related to) someone who just seemed to spread negativity everywhere.