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Garmin nuvi 660 updating bluetooth firmware

garmin nuvi 660 updating bluetooth firmware-57

Fixed issue with list controls incorrectly appearing enabled. Fixed issue with 'lock on road' setting not saving during a power cycle.

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Fixed issue with main menu dashboard caused by changing Profiles via shortcut on main menu. Fixed issue with preserving routes imported from Basecamp (identical maps required). Fixed shutdown related to a shortcut that locks a specific orientation.Push and hold the "Reset" button on the bottom of the Garmin Nuvi for eight seconds, then release the button.If your Nuvi does not have a reset button, move to Step 2, otherwise move to Step After updating the firmware, you can use webupdater to find other updates, such as voices, vehicles, or GPS software.Hello All, I recently downloaded the Nuvi 660 firmware upgrade from the Garmin site to upgrade to v2.70.Slide the power key to the "On" position and hold it for eight seconds, then release the key.

Slide the power key to the "On" position to start the Nuvi.

Added ability to set a via point while navigating a calculated route. Fixed issue resulting in bad point information on the map.

Added ability to remove the red pin while panning the map. Fixed inability to select turn/guidance information on map while in nuvi mode and navigating.

I did this as I read some other comments that the webupdater application has (in some cases) caused corruption.

I ran the firmware update as per the instructions from the Garmin website and two files copied to the unit but the third file (I can't recall the extension) failed to copy with a file in use error.

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