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Flir dating site

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And this week at CES 2017, Flir showed off another adaptation of its technology: a thermal camera for drones called the Duo. It has two cameras: one a 1080-pixel HD camera, and the other a thermal-imaging camera.

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That’s why Rockford Fosgate designs marine speakers with materials and build techniques that withstand salt, sea spray, fog and UV.But there is a second Duo camera called the Duo R targeted for professional use.(The "R" stands for radiometric.) This allows pros to get accurate temperature readings from individual pixels of a thermal image.Because of its Go-Pro-like form factor, the Duo cameras can be used on any drone that can mount a Go Pro.However, Flir has teamed up with the company Autel -- for non-Autel drones, you have to use the Flir UAS app.Make sure your profile picture actually looks like you. Names like namasteguy, Hang Tenben, Lakr Sfan and Soxnundies, can help you determine someones interests quickly, ex: these guys are into yoga, surfing, the Lakers, and well . Just because texting makes it easy for him, doesn’t mean he can get away with not courting you. Since our little black books have gone digital, people have come to expect immediate responses.

Posting a professional headshot where the angle makes you resemble a Kardashian sister will just lead to disappointment. We suggest a minimum of 2 days from the day he texted you out to accept a date invite. Don’t get into a debate about the relationship over text. Dont ask us where we think this thing is going over text. Its okay to wait a little bit to get back to the person who is courting you, but avoid waiting too long.

You can easily switch between cameras, but the real magic comes when you use the combined mode.

This overlays details from the HD camera onto the thermal photograph. Such cameras can be used in a variety of manners: flying over farm property checking irrigation piping, finding lost animals, checking solar arrays for hot spots, or recreating scenes from the film "Predator."The Duo is aimed at consumers for commercial use.

It was me, her owners, the crew, the late, great lensman Bobby ­Grieser and Pickles, the owners’ Jack Russell terrier.

Our final night featured a celebratory meal at the Lahaina Grill, with Pickles dutifully standing watch back aboard.

While the latter has historically been expensive, FLIR’s M100 and M200 thermal-imaging cameras are poised to be more economical, making the technology available for a wider variety of vessels and applications.