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Field validating tab control

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Data types are not optional, and provide the most basic type of data validation.

This article explains how to use validation rules and validation text in table fields and form controls.Place this tab on the document where you want the recipient to enter a date.Date tabs are single-line fields that allow date information to be entered in any format.See Automatically Populating Tabs for more information. If true the field appears normally while the recipient is adding or modifying the information in the field, but the data is not visible (the characters are hidden by asterisks) to any other signer or the sender.When an envelope is completed the information is available to the sender through the Form Data link in the Docu Sign Console.Possible values are: Arial, Arial Narrow, Calibri, Courier New, Garamond, Georgia, Helvetica, Lucida Console, Tahoma, Times New Roman, Trebuchet, Verdana, Ocr A, MSGothic and MSMincho. Possible values are: Size7, Size8, Size9, Size10, Size11, Size12, Size14, Size16, Size18, Size20, Size22, Size24, Size26, Size28, Size36, Size48, or Size72. If no value is provided, the tab type is used as the value.

Note: Similar tab types can be set to automatically populate with the same data.

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So in the above html code you can see we have an Ajax Control Toolkit Tab Container control with two Tab Panels having id as “first Tab” and “second Tab”.

The first tab has a label control and the second tab has a dropdown control with a validation control attached to it and a Validator Callout Extender control attached to the validation control.

You can define validation rules for table fields and for controls on forms.