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Our expediting services cover every phase of your production process, enabling you to: As a leading provider of expediting services, our proven reputation is based on years of experience, serving clients in all industries.Our unique global network enables us to assess vendors and their production plans for you – in every corner of the world, within days or even hours.

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Courier delivery by the premier courier company is available 24/7 for customers that hold current, active accounts with JOYCE EXPEDITING.Over the years we have become the chosen transportation company for numerous high profile companies in the area.In addition we contract for many worldwide freight companies, who confidently put their reputation in our hands daily.With numerous suppliers involved in your supply chain, keeping your projects on schedule is a challenge.Delayed delivery of materials, products or equipment prevents your project from being completed on time and on budget.We obtain and reaffirm delivery promises from your suppliers.

Plus, we fully investigate all aspects of their scheduling to ensure they meet their contractual obligations and deliver on time.

We are very good at late night courier and same day courier. Same day air courier and same day air freight services are our specialties.

Weekend air freight and weekend air courier services can gladly be arranged for our customers with short advanced notice.

is to provide transportation of goods between businesses to inspire the economic growth of companies and America.

We provide cost efficient movement of products in a majority of the contiguous forty-eight The professional drivers at Shekinah Expediting are simply amazing.

We assembled a cacophony of transportation specialists dedicated to driving about the United States to collect and then deliver product from points near and far. When it goes wrong, it negatively colors our day, makes us feel angry and impotent, curtails our possibilities.” Shekinah Expediting, Inc. Developed in 2001, Shekinah Expediting began operations with one truck. Shekinah Expediting delivers a majority of the product for our biggest customer to sites in the United States and Canada.