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Dutch men dating marriage

Once you get married even the little effort she once made to look just like every other Dutch girl about town will go out of the window.Out of nowhere she’ll start wearing cardigans that no self respecting moth would ever dream of laying eggs in.

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M/s Suksomboon cites as an example one Thai woman returning with her Dutch husband to her family in North Eastern Thailand.It is a great cause for shame and embarrassment to let a woman (even if she is a heartless vamp) pay a part or all of the bill where I come from.I came across this excerpt from an article I was reading one day, “Dutch Men” Article from Radio Netherlands, 20 April 2001. She’s in her mid thirties and has been with the Dutch man in question for many years, so it shouldn’t really come as such a surprise. It did, because she’s been living with this guy for over 10 years, they have 2 children together (not to mention a fairly pricey downtown Amsterdam apartment), plus 3 pesky cats, so why would marriage suddenly be important now? Well, in the lowlands, the rhyme somehow got a little reversed over time.Not one, not two, but countless of my Dutch friends/colleagues have just recently gotten around to the marriage part The highly complex mathematical formula here in the lowlands appears to be: attraction love buying a house together having babies = marriage. In the TLL survey a large proportion of Thai women married to Dutch men were also shown to have jobs (61%).

A recent study into Thai wives in Holland by a Thai Ph D student in Holland confirms these findings and also shows that Thai women there face challenges in their adopted country (Holland) and the weight of financial expectations from families in Thailand.

The study by Panitee Suksomboon, a Ph D student at Leiden University shows that many Thai wives in Holland send regular financial remittances home to Thailand.

'For Thai families, many are proud to have daughter married to a man from Holland,' one Thai woman told a Thai Love Lines researcher.

Some things will definitely change if you marry your Dutch girlfriend. This is one of the things that attracted you to her in the first place.

Once you put a ring on her finger, all of this will change.

The TLL (Thai Love Lines) poll shows that 55% of Thai women seeking Dutch partners or husbands used Thai dating sites whereas 35% met their partners indirectly through friends or introductions.