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Denise milani dating

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He had met her on an online dating site in November 2011, and the 68-year-old physicist was convinced that the person he was chatting with was Milani, and not only that, but that she wanted to quit her glamour model life and marry him.(Photo via Denise Milani Facebook)So, the poor, lonely and recently-divorced Frampton was hooked by the Milani impostor, and after failed attempts to talk to her on the phone, was finally told to come to Bolivia, where she was doing a photo shoot, to meet her. Obviously, the “woman” online was not Milani, and when Frampton showed up in Bolivia, she was not there.

Why can't people see that she would be a beautiful, intelligent woman without them?One question nags me over this week’s honeytrap trial in which a British scientist was conned into smuggling drugs because he thought he might get his leg over a Czech glamour model.Is it possible that Paul Frampton was really that stupid? But the facts are nevertheless quite hard to swallow.There are many levels of stupidity involved in this story, and I don’t want to add to Mr Frampton’s woes by listing them all, since he just got banged up for nearly five years.His ex-wife’s observation that he is a “naive fool” is probably sufficient comment.Denise Milani's breasts are a Czech internet model based in Los Angeles, and are one of the most popular internet models working in the world today.

They are currently attached to the chest cavity of one Denise Milani, who has carried them for the entirety of their lives so far.

I don’t think any 68-year-old woman could possibly fall for such a scheme – it would just seem too wildly implausible to have a member of Chippendales fall in love with them. Perhaps there are mitigating cultural circumstances for this extraordinary sexual blindness.

It may be true that, for men, the moment when they lose their sexual allure has historically been somewhat more blurred than for women.

The scam artist pretending to be Milani was simply doing it to find a desperate man like Frampton and use him as a drug mule.

Frampton, although a brilliant physicist, was not wise enough to abort his mission to connect with Milani, his potential future wife with incredible DDD natural breasts (despite warnings from his close friend).

Soon, he hoped, he’d be returning with Milani on his arm.