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Dead end dating epub

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Suddenly Lil finds herself catapulted into the middle of a hit man’s twisted scheme.But can this diva of the undead avert an epic battle, outrun a killer, and undo her “I do” before all hell breaks loose?

The first does a relatively quick lookup to see if there are any eligible promotions for this ASIN or for this customer.Nope: it’s all true, except that my “laptop” is actually an i Pad and my “browser” is i Tunes/i Books.Since my i Tunes account has a Singaporean billing address, the Kindle application does not show up in my search results.Top Secret Afterword Volume 20 – Belial of Career Consultation [PDF] Illustrations Faker Life.0 Life.1 A Restless Career Consultation Parents Life.2 The Truth of the Feast To be infuriated Life.3 Hyoudou Issei Last Life…Poetic Justice The Beast 666 Deterrence Afterword Volume 21 – Lucifer of the Optional Attendance [PDF] Illustrations Encounter White Dragon and Black Angel Khaos Disaster Life.1 Amidst the Feast of the Imperial Beast Life.Librarian's note: This book was cancelled by the publisher and will not be published with Ballantine.

However, the author is self-publishing a Kindle edition:

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Top matchmaker and owner of Manhattan’s primo hook-up service, Dead End Dating—and one scorching hot vampire herself—Lil Marchette knows a little something about happily ever afterlife.

And needless to say, the laptop is locked to prevent me from installing another browser that would allow me to get around these limits.

Does this sound ridiculous, a perverse fantasy of some balkanized Web of the dystopian future?

I'm creating a epub with fixed layout from Indesign CC 2014. On an Android system (reader Google Play Books), I get empty pages and when get trough the document and I want to get back to an earlier page, the epub jumps for exemple from page 36 to 2 instead of 36, 35, 34,...